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Business Insurance
At Garrett-Stotz we are committed to providing comprehensive insurance coverage’s to protect your equine investment or business. We have partnered with AM Best “A” Rated Carriers to offer programs designed for horse owners and professionals. All members of our equine team are horse enthusiasts who are dedicated to providing hands-on insurance and risk management solutions to fit your needs.

We offer the following equine coverage:

Commercial Equine Liability:
Coverage is available to those engaged in breeding, training, boarding, instructing or operating an equine business. This policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage to a third party arising from your operations.

Ranch/Estate/Farm Owners:
As a farm owner you are faced with unique risks that your standard homeowners policy does not address. This policy can cover your dwelling, personal property, barns, outbuildings, and equipment that you own. Coverage also includes liability for your premises and horses you personally own. This all-in-one package policy can be provided on a replacement cost basis with many coverage extensions available tailored to fit your needs.

Care, Custody, Control:
Care, Custody and Control is an essential coverage available for equine operations that involve non-owned horses including boarding, breeding and training. The Commercial Equine Liability policy listed above excludes coverage for property in your care, custody or control. This coverage fills the gap and will pay sums you become legally obligated to pay due to injury or death of a non-owned horse while in your care, custody or control. Coverage for transporting of non-owned horses is also available.

Independent Trainers Liability/Equine Professional Liability:
This coverage is important if you are offering professional services including training and lessons. The Commercial Equine Liability policy listed above excludes coverage for professional services in which you render to others. This coverage will provide you protection from damages you are legally obligated to pay from any negligent act, error or omission arising out of your professional activities. Coverage can also be offered to independent instructors and trainers who operate at multiple locations.

Equestrian Clubs and Associations:
This policy is designed to provide liability coverage for equine organizations that have members and host public events including horse shows and award banquets. Coverage for events that invite the general public to participate can also be included in this program.

Equine Event General Liability Policy:
Liability coverage is available for individual horse shows, equestrian related events and clinics that you host. Coverage is provided for the day(s) of the event and includes days for set up and take down.

Equine Personal Liability:
As a horse owner you are faced with the unique risk inherent with the responsibility of horse ownership. If your horse kicks, bites or becomes loose at a show or on your premise you carry the potential for a claim against you as the owner for damages to a third party. This policy is designed to provide coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties caused by horses you personally own or lease which are used for personal or pleasure purposes.

Equine Mortality:
Protecting your equine investment is very important and can be accomplished with the equine mortality and major medical policy. The mortality policy provides coverage for death as a result of injury, illness, humane destruction and includes loss or death as a result of theft.

Equine Major Medical and Surgical:
Combined with the mortality policy, the major medical and surgical coverage is important to reimburse you for veterinary expenses that arise as a result of accident, illness, or disease. The policies offered are some of the best available in the industry and include diagnostics, lameness, continuing care, navicular, arthritis and DJD.