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Sprains, strains and tears to muscles and connective tissues are some of the most common injuries that employees experience. These injuries can come from a number of common activities, such as lifting something heavy, being hit by falling objects or even a simple misstep. Overusing your muscles can also cause these injuries over time.
To reduce your risk of experiencing sprains and strains on the job, keep these tips in mind:

• Use extreme caution if you are lifting something particularly heavy. When in doubt, ask for help moving the object.
• Reduce repetitive movements if possible. Chronic strains are usually the result of overusing the same muscles.
• Use proper form when completing tasks, as over gripping can increase the risk of hand and forearm strains.
• Consider your posture when sitting for long periods of time, and maintain an overall relaxed position.
• Maintain a healthy fitness level outside of work to keep your body strong and flexible.
• Avoid slippery surfaces, and use harnesses and nets if working at heights above ground level.
• Wear proper footwear, gloves and other protective equipment to avoid sprains and strains.
• Stretch before you begin working, and take short breaks throughout the day to stretch and rebalance your body.

If you have any questions or concerns about sprains or strains, do not hesitate to contact your supervisor.