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Special event policies are an easy and affordable way to protect your personal assets against lawsuits that arise during certain events. For example, a guest has too many drinks during a wedding reception and causes an auto accident that results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in bodily injury to a third party. An attorney sues not only the driver but the person or entity that hosted the event. Depending on individual circumstances the homeowner’s policy of the individual who hosted the reception may not be obligated to pay the claim, thus leaving their personal accounts and assets on the hook to pay the damages. Tragic and life-changing events similar to the example given happen all the time. Many insurance now offer short-term policies for special events. Special events can be defined but not limited to weddings, hole-in-one events, company parties, family reunions, fundraisers and other gatherings. Coverage can be purchased for just 1 day or up to several days. Policies can be written under a personal name to protect individuals or in a company name to protect a business.

We offer the following special events coverage:

  • Personal Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Deposit Reimbursement

Garrett-Stotz partners with several insurance companies that offer these policies with quick quotes and affordable premiums. Please reach out to Garrett-Stotz today for your special event insurance needs.